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“We were taught and explained  in an excellent manner how to promote sustainability of any people’s institution through social mobilisation and participation. I learnt that whatever we do in life can be done in a systematic manner. This itself is Yoga. I have enhanced positivity in thoughts after coming here. I have become capable of giving a direction to society and my institution while changing myself too. The credit for this goes entirely to Manavodaya.” 


—  HariKrishna Dubey, 2017-2018

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Sandhya, 2017- 2018

“At Manavodaya we were never given a printed book to memorize. Instead we were taught how to live and work at grassroots level selflessly. Besides work, I also learnt the art of living here.”

Sandhya, 2017- 2018

After coming here, I understood

the concept of ALL LIFE IS YOGA, to observe how we do our work, how we manage it. The discipline and knowledge content acquired here makes me stand out in a crowd and develop a thinking that is beneficial to humanity.

Bhaskar, 2017- 2018

The Integral Path

With increasing challenges of climate change, terrorist threats, growing inequality and resulting unrest  in societies as well as continued abysmal poverty among a third of the

global population, it is imperative to examine and challenge our ways of functioning as an individual and society.

We can no longer remain unconcerned about these issues which not only  cause  insecurity, stress and uncertainty among most of us, but have become a threat  to our very existence. On the positive side, there is adequate experience to indicate that meaningful alternatives exist. They  rest in our hands : in our thinking, our ways of living and enabling others to do so similarly. As we have learnt at Manavodaya, this can be  promoted through deep reflection and action  in small and large groups to build collective understanding, wisdom and power to tackle the multiple forces of disharmony, injustice and destruction.

The methodology of doing so is now available through various short and long duration courses at Manavodaya. An international course 

( on the subject is held every year in spring. A one year full time diploma course is available for students who would like to work on the subject as a career in life.

Some testimonials by our past students are presented here.


Manavodaya has been training and guiding government officers, civil society leaders and social workers in participatory development through self help and empowerment of the weakest for over twenty years. This experience is now available to all those who wish to work towards meaningful change and turn it into a career.



Manavodaya institute has a beautiful campus in Lucknow where participants come from all over the world.

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Students from earlier three batches have obtained placement in prominent places like State Livelihood Missions, projects of major national trusts and organisations supported by NABARD. More importantly, students develop communication skills, report writing, project formulation and NGO management skills for those interested in start ups.



Admissions for the next batch starting July 2019 have started from 1st December, 2018.Admission is based on written test and interview. There are several half and full scholarships available for deserving candidates.

For more information visit 

call 8090061459 or write to

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