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A Humanitarian Approach to Sustainable Social Change


A humanitarian approach to social change is characterised by an evolved consciousness and systematic process of facilitating collective awareness and action among people complementary and essential to interventions by governments.


The process  needs close understanding and application of methods and values needed for the purpose. The associated values and methods have been a subject of intensive discussion with participants of multiple programs at Manavodaya over a period of two decades and have now been concretised as Steps in Conscious Living. As the principles and values associated with these steps find resonance with the statements of thought leaders of various civilisations across globe, we believe that reflection and action on steps in Conscious Living can contribute towards resolution of multiple challenges facing society like tackling climate change, poverty and injustice.


The steps are based on building self and collective awareness moving from human awakening (Manavodaya), to family and community awakening  (Kutumbodaya) culminating in global awakening (Sarvodaya) based on the broad vision of Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam or The World is One Family. The steps are universal in nature and have already contributed significantly to new perspectives in life and work of practitioners and scholars from different countries in South Asia, Europe and Africa.

Students of IT College Lucknow at Manavodaya


Anil Kumar Mishra, Prasauni, Nepal

This training is one of the best training in my life to improve myself, to link myself with supreme power by doing something to poor people living in remote areas. It helps me, my bank and my whole country.       

Siyaram Rawat, Assistant Development Officer, India

It is a complete training in character building and knowledge about the art of living. Such a training should be compulsory for all government employees and officers before they join service.

James Musyoka, Wamunyu, Kenya

It dawned to me that life is just more than earning an income and raising a family. Those deep reflections were quite fundamental in reinforcing the power of self-consciousness and inner peace


The programme is designed as a mix of presentation, interaction, reflection and action on the following key components

Guided Self Reflection
Conscious Speech
Conscious Buying
Conscious Relationships
Conscious Sharing and more..
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University students can join the programme as a batch of 20 to 60 students. It is preferable to have a local mentor e.g. a faculty member or a senior student to coordinate reflection and action at local level. A programme usually has 6 to 8 sessions of an hour and a half. Certificates are provided to all successful participants.

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Manavodaya has conducted the programme successfully in several universities in North India with consistently yielded useful outcomes. We are preparing to scale up the programme through training of teachers and student leaders so as to reach a wider cross section of youth.
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