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Our world is facing serious challenges of increasing inequality and social unrest, abysmal poverty and hopelessness among more than a third of the global population, increasing terrorist threats and growing environmental disorders from climate change.

The Manavodaya family would like to humbly submit that the tools of self help and empowerment evolved and practised here enable development of systems that constitute the basic building blocks for tackling these challenges. These cannot be practised or undertaken on a wide scale without deep collective reflection and raised consciousness on the goals and purpose of life itself.

This combination of inner and outer change holds the key to the solution of most problems. The practise of these methods and values constitute the paradigm shift needed for sustainable development.

At  Manavodaya, all our efforts are directed towards increasing awareness of these methods and values through capacity building programmes for all sections of the society from very poor village women, to students of all disciplines, social workers and administrators of development programmes as well as international scholars and thinkers interested in meaningful change.

We invite you to join our growing family, local to global, and help in giving a direction to the lives of people everywhere on globe.  

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