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                                                              SIX MONTHS CERTIFICATE COURSE


The organisation of  six months certificate course in Rural Development  was a unique  opportunity for Manavodaya to develop the capacity of  educated rural youth  from the deprived section of the population to engage in participatory development at the grassroots.

The process of combining conceptual understanding in class room sessions and practical understanding in fieldwork worked very well and  produced remarkable results in terms of development of knowledge, skills and attitudes among the participants. The change is apparent. It made a professor from Lucknow University remark  that what a university programme could not do in two years has been accomplished in six months.


The programme also helped in developing excellent leadership qualities and facilitation skills for participatory development among the rural youth. It was clear from the organisation  of such a programme, that rural youth including girls can make considerable difference to the pace and effectiveness of rural development programmes in the country.

The programme generated intensive discussion within Manavodaya on the content, methods of training and selection process  best suited for the purpose  of turning the rural youth into change agents at the grassroots.

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