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To Be the Change and the Changemaker

The Changemakers programme is about redefining the approach to development and change, making it holistic by introducing the notion of “Being the Change while Being the Change maker”. Manavodaya Institute's programmes over last twenty years, nationally and internationally, had a wide spectrum of participants - development managers, workers, international scholars, officers serving government.  The programmes have consistently demonstrated that it is possible to introduce perspectives of “being the change” among participants leading to positive outcomes in both personal and professional lives.


As a pioneer of the self help movement in India, Manavodaya has trained several thousand professionals in methods of facilitating self help and empowerment for tackling poverty and injustice i.e. on how to be an effective changemaker.  This had excellent results and has benefited a large section of the rural population.

Through this online course, we hope to widen the reach of such learning on the process of development and change to all those who work among people as managers, teachers, scientists and anyone who cares to make the world a better place to live. As earlier experience suggests, it is an enjoyable discourse, useful in decision making in daily life , and needed urgently to counter the contradictions of development that are affecting the harmony among people as well as the  people and the environment.


  1. Students : Of all disciplines who wish to contribute to welfare of society anywhere. The courses are particularly useful to those who wish to make a career in international development and social change.

  2. Teachers : To enable students to take a wider perspective of life and practical tips to work towards meaningful change.

  3. Donors and Philanthropic Institutions : To design development projects and programmes that contribute to sustainable development in the lives of people through enabling and empowerment approaches.

  4. Citizens : To make a difference in the lives of people through conscious living and supporting facilitators of change elsewehere.

  5. Social Workers : To get a clear perspective on the purpose, vision, tools and methods to work towards people based development.

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Kabanda Mwansa

The emphasis on the development from within concept is just what I needed most, having been exposed to development work for a couple of years now. Development and social change without focus on issues that affect you as a person within is useless.



This course has made me think about myself, how I act, how I talk and my actions. From now on, it will be very important for me to be sincere, real and truthful to my values and my beliefs and I am going to stand up for what I believe in. I will let my values be reflected in my actions.

Joyce Musyoka.png

Joyce Musyoka

I know feel fully empowered and fully armed to empower other women both young and old.

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