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All reports and publications given here are detailed account of actual happenings and are based on the principles of Participatory Action Research.  Most reports highlight a perspective of development and change emerging from struggles and hopes among people. 
Accordingly, the reports will be useful to understand methods and values of facilitation to overcome social injustice anywhere. The context changes, but the methods and values usually remain the same.
We welcome the readers to glance through and quote from the wide variety of reports, published articles and working papers of Manavodaya.
Please do send us an acknowledgement and let us know if any publication has created an interest in getting involved with our larger mission, especially training programmes based on such learning.
International Scholars
Travels in Human Based Development
The Art of Facilitation
Kenya Program To Be the Change and the Changemaker
Report of the Development from within Programme delivered to Partners for Inclusion
The Power of Self Awareness
Self Help Groups
Self Help to Social Change
Sustainability of Groups
Solidarity among Groups
Capacity Building for Empowerment
Kenya Report Self Help and Empowerment
Social Contradictions in Development
A Study of Farmer Producer Organisations
Environmental Awareness and Action
Girls' Education
Making of a Change Agent
Networking for Development: Methods and Challenges
Participation and Facilitation
The Challenges of Facilitation
The Art of Facilitation
Social Contradictions in Development
People's Participation: Concept and Practice
Taming the Tiger
Values Led Development
Rethinking Values in Development
The Future can be Built on our Attitudes
Collective Reflection for Sustainable Development by Patricia
An Outsider View of Manavodaya
Milestone in the Evolution of Manavodaya
Social Change: Exploring the Inner and Outer Dimensions of Transformation
Resource Management
Energy and the Poor in an Indian Village
Participatory Water Management
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