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Manavodaya started working on self help methods in the late '80s through multiple activities involving farmers, artisans and women’s groups. It became the first institution in North India to credit link self help groups to banks after the National bank (NABARD) announced the policy to link groups to banks on an experimental basis in 1992.

As a pioneer of the self help based development process, Manavodaya has since focused on refining methods and training of various institutions in promoting the process.


Manavodaya came to be recognised as a resource centre for training and promotion of Self Help Groups by institutions like UNICEF and NABARD. It was also recognised as an institution of excellence by the state government and given the responsibility of training master trainers among government officials.


Observations by the participants on Self Help Groups


The field visit has made a huge impact on me : to see a self help group in action, to see the women empowered. It is both lovely and heart breaking to see their smiles, laughing, hear about their lives and all what they have done. It has changed my life already.


The whole essence of social work is about empowerment not about helping people by doing the difficult tasks yourself but to help the person to help themselves. To practice this concept we have to have a deep conversation and show the humanity in you, that you are also a human being with problems and you have also done mistakes in your life.

Kaban Mohammadi

​We saw functioning ten year old groups in the village that are clear examples of success. I liked the statement by the women that whatever be the conflict among themselves it does not affect the working of the group

Akil Ahmad
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