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Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi

R.R. Gaur Memorial Oration on Science, Technology and Human Values was delivered by Varun Vidyarthi at the Seminar Hall in the main building of IIT on February 14, 2023. The speaker was welcomed by the Director IIT in the presence of different faculty members, research scholars and students.


Indian Institute of Management, Noida

Varun Vidyarthi delivered a talk on Steps in Social Innovation : Be the Changemaker  in December, 2022 at the I.I.M. Lucknow campus Executive MBA students.  The programme was hosted by Prof. Vivek Gupta.

A response by one of the students: 

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The session is invaluable because its gravity can’t be measured with what we have learnt so far in materialistic world. It is full of the life lessons that all the leaders and saints of this nation have taught us, showed us. 


Saccos Summit, Kathmandu, Nepal

Manavodaya was invited as a partner in the SACCOS SUMMIT, an apex conference of several thousand cooperatives of Nepal during June 12 and 13, 2022. Mr. Vidyarthi delivered the keynote address titled ËNLIGHTENED LEADERSHIP: THE MANTRA OF COOPERATION on the second day of the conference with amazing response from the participants. For the full speech in Hindi see the video attached.



Valedictory Session

The students presented their learning at the valedictory session of the programme held at the Manavodaya campus in June 2023. The programme was chaired by Mr. R. Ramani, former Chief Secretary, Government of UP. The Chief Guest, Mr. Akhilesh Mishra, Special Secretary, Higher Education, gave away the certificates.

 Awareness programme on CONSCIOUS LIVING for students of IT College, Lucknow


Conscious Cooperation

A Five Day Residential Workshop on New Age Leadership Values and Methods was held at Manavodaya for the directors and office bearers of VYCCU, one of the biggest cooperatives in Nepal having a membership of more than 1.5 lakh members.

The CEO of the cooperative Mr. Madhab Paudel remarked after the workshop:

The program was very effective as it was practical. I am motivated to work towards change in self, family and society on return from here.


You can make a Difference,Festival of
Debate, UK

Festival of Debate.jpg
  • SELF AWARENESS and COLLECTIVE AWARENESS of reality are fundamental for meaningful transformation of lives.

  • The process of building individual and collective awareness is universal and can be practiced by all citizens through simple steps in CONSCIOUS LIVING.

  • Conscious living is essential to meet the challenges faced by mankind i.e. growing inequality, continuing poverty, multiple insecurities and the existential threat of climate change.

  • Circumstances and contexts differ hence application of the steps  need  simple innovation  for effectiveness of  interventions.

  •  This is an agenda for a humanitarian approach to change and calls for investment in right training, mentoring and support to all facilitators working with people in multiple sectors: livelihood, education, health or business.

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