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Self Help and Empowerment

Self Help Groups (SHGs) are "small, economically homogenous affinity groups of rural poor, voluntarily formed to save and mutually contribute to a common fund to be lent to its members as per the group members' decision".  The important elements of SHG concept include its voluntary nature, homogeneity of economic needs, participatory management and decision making.

Various studies have also shown that SHGs have proven to be a useful tool for women empowerment. After joining SHGs the status of women has generally improved as they have developed stronger confidence which has changed gender dynamics and their role in the household.

Important Elements of SHG Concept

  • Voluntary Nature

  • Homogeneity of Economic Needs

  • Participatory Management

  • Decision Making

This online course comes from the pioneers of the self-help group movement in India and describes the concept, the process of formation, methods of self management in groups and provides multiple tips for the newcomers. It includes description of the process of social mobilization, the process of savings and lending in groups as well as the process of business development.

The course content includes understanding of the role of facilitators and practical methods of communication with the poor essential for the success of any self help programme.

This is the most popular programme of Manavodaya that has been conducted successfully among several thousand participants from different parts of the world.

The training programme is a new concept which is useful to all the poor in the world and for the development of countries like my country Ethiopia. I have learnt a lot of things for my life even to have a vision for the time left on this earth

Takele Engdawork, APDA, Ethiopia

I have attended training courses in several subjects in my life, but this experience is unforgettable. I now understand well what I should do as a social worker to make a healthy and beautiful society


 Usha Kiran Singh,


It is difficult to describe in words the usefulness of this programme as the focus of the programme was not just development of a person but that of the whole humanity.




Sunita Singh, Asra Sahyog Sansthan

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