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Thirty schools were started  for girls  in different villages to enable the girls to access education. It  was one of our most fulfilling experiences to see girls going to school for the first time in their life. It changed their outlook towards life as well as the outlook of their parents significantly.

Some responses by parents

"It is easier to get her married then. If she goes in for higher studies, she may even get a job."

"Education will at least bring manners in talking."

"Will lead to better qualities and knowledge. Would have better food at home."

"Would help in starting business."

"She can read and  write letters and signboards."

"If she gets educated, she can educate her children."

"By education, she learns to be clean, becomes sensible. We are not asking her to take up a job."

"By educating our girl, she can read letters, medicine list, we can also keep our documents properly."

"Educated girls command respect in society. Only an educated girl can run her family properly."

"I would say that girls are no less than boys. If they get educated, they can do anything."


Some negative responses

"What will she do by much reading writing. Knowing a little bit is sufficient."

"Sufficient to identify words only, more education has no benefit."

"She is very bad mannered. What will education do ? Goat grazing is O.K. for her."

"I am at a disadvantage. If she studies then I have to work alone at home."

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