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After coming here I realized that I should do something to put into use what I have gained in life. Hence I have made it my goal to go back to where I have come from, put sincere effort in working with the village poor and spread the light of all things learnt here.

Here I came to know how to keep my mind calm and talk to people. Earlier I was very short tempered, even now I get angry but it has reduced considerably from the memory of  discussions here.

Earlier I never took studies seriously and studied only to pass but now I feel  that I should have thought earlier the way I think today.


I like the method of teaching at Manavodaya. I also learnt from the activities here that has brought significant changes in  my life like getting up early, doing everything on time, having a proper eye towards people.


Before coming to Manavodaya I never saw education as a mode of learning and used to think that taking a degree will be enough to move forward in  life. Now I feel that the degree is quite worthless and I have been constantly trying to learn something new. I need to work hard for it.


I was in a job before coming to Manavodaya.  My daily work schedule from ten in morning to seven in the evening was like a routine living without any objective. After coming here I realised that work can get much more than money and that the goal of life is not just to earn money. The goal of my life itself changed after coming here.


The strict discipline here is annoying for a short while but feels good in half an hour as it is useful in life. We have to start in our life before telling others.


My life had been surrounded by responsibilities after marriage. Never took the time out to give a proper direction to life. I see a direction after coming here, I too can do something.

Even my family has started feeling that I can do something. This gives me positive energy.


I got an opportunity to understand deeply about  life. There is stability in my life, I have learnt to differentiate between what is right and wrong in  my thinking. There is politeness in my behavior.

I now have a goal in life due to which my life is changing, we have to change other lives too.


I like the natural environment of the place, the morning prayers and the collective reflection afterwards. The studies are in Hindi which is very useful to me.

I had no aim in life before, but now I have an aim. There is a change in my pattern of living.


The morning prayer keeps my mind calm and clear, the collective reflection that follows has enhanced my knowledge and way of thinking. My range  of thinking has been increasing everyday.

I like the simple language used in teaching here. Everything is taught in Hindi-English due to which I have no difficulty in understanding.


I have controlled my anger to a great extent as a result even my family thinks that I have changed a lot. This is my biggest satisfaction. At Manavodaya, we also learnt how to present oneself, how to talk and dress.


I have changed a lot, not for myself,  but for creation of an environment of progress among people. I have started getting up early, and learnt how to talk to people with control over my tongue.

There should be a goal in life. Adopt the change in  life that you want to see in others.


The biggest change in me is that I try to reflect deeply about everything. The method of teaching here is extremely good. If such methods are used everywhere then a person can easily reach one’s goal in life. I have learnt the art of starting a discussion and giving it a proper direction while  talking to people.


There is a great difference between studies done till now and that at Manavodaya. The environment here is different. Till now I studied to pass exams only but here we have been taught to adopt the learning in life. Education here is not limited to books, instead I have learnt to shape my life and build a new environment.

There is a lot of change in  my behavior and thinking too. I have learnt to differentiate between right and wrong, developed capacity to take decisions and improve on my shortcomings.

The goal of life is not just money as I earlier thought. I have developed clarity on this.


I was doing Masters in Business Administration (MBA) before taking admission here. I have got much more than I thought I would before coming here. I have never studied like this before and I like the method of teaching and explaining here.

I learnt to do Yoga here which was not of my liking earlier.

I came to know here that there must be purpose in life. I knew this earlier, but the way it was explained here, it changed my way of thinking and outlook towards society.

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