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With increasing challenges of climate change, growing inequality and continued abysmal poverty among a third of the global population, it is imperative to examine and challenge our ways of functioning as an individual and society.

We can no longer remain unconcerned about these issues which not only  cause  insecurity, stress and uncertainty among most of us, but have become a threat  to our very existence. On the positive side, there is adequate experience to indicate that meaningful alternatives exist. They  rest in our hands : in our thinking, our ways of living as enlightened citizens. Besides it carries the joy of unfolding of our potential to the fullest.

The Manavodaya movement is based on multiple steps of reflection and action to meet these challenges. It is characterised by “Development from Within”, a process combining inner and outer transformation for sustainable and holistic development. The process was learnt and refined through more than three decades of direct engagement with disadvantaged people’s groups and training the representatives of multiple stakeholders like banks, government and non government institutions together with international scholars and students of development and social change.


The process involves

A. Reflection and Action for self and community awakening, for a new evolved consciousness among citizens, useful for purposive and joyful living, social justice, environmental sustainability and harmony in relationships; 

B. Understanding and practice of “The Art of Facilitation” for empowerment of disadvantaged or marginalised groups of people. It combines the wisdom of thought leaders of different cultures who postulated the principles of positive change and the learning experience of Manavodaya team that pioneered the self help process of people based  development. The process continues to benefit large sections of the population in India and other countries with the efforts of multiple stakeholders, of which a large number were trained at Manavodaya over a period of more than two decades.

The Manavodaya fraternity,  spread in different countries has initiated the spread of humanitarian values and practical aspects of the Manavodaya movement through webinars, monthly retreats, fund raising and support to  facilitators of change as well as awareness raising through social media, international networks, and online courses on the subject.

The members of the movement believe that poverty, inequality and injustice cannot be tackled by the efforts of governments alone, and requires the participation of all concerned citizens. It calls for simple reflection-action steps in daily living and participation in the process of enabling and empowerment of  disadvantaged groups.

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We believe that  persons of all age groups i.e.  youth, working professionals and senior citizens  can  easily adopt these methods of reflection and action broadly termed “Development from Within” for evolved consciousness, sustainable development and happiness. Details can be accessed through an online Changemakers programme that consists of readings, videos and online sessions.

We encourage you to participate in the programme and build a change project in your own community while staying connected with all other members of the movement.



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