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With overwhelming success of the collective reflection sessions consistently for over two decades at the Lucknow centre of Manavodaya, several well wishers expressed the need for an online retreat designed along the same lines.

This became a reality when Alastair from UK agreed to be the anchor of the event and Doreen Kelly also from UK agreed to Chair the sessions. The first programme was held in October, 2020 during the COVID peak and was immediately liked by most participants from different countries.


The online retreat is now being held regularly every second Saturday of the month. It is designed in the following manner:

  1. As per convention at Manavodaya, the session starts with a quite time and some yoga techniques like Kapal Bhati breathing methods are also discussed.

  2. A subject of common interest relating to values in life is introduced by the principal speaker Varun Vidyarthi. The theme is then opened for discussion by participants based on their life experience.

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